Psalms Made Singable

At last, a system of notating psalms which makes them instantly singable. No memorization of the chant required; no text symbols to decipher. The text is printed directly beneath the music.
Keith Shafer has edited the psalter using the 1979 Book of Common Prayer (Episcopal). The psalms have been organized into various collections. There are three volumes covering all of the psalms appointed for use during years A, B, and C of the Common Eucharistic Lectionary.

In addition to these volumes, there are volumes of plainchant psalm settings for Advent and Lent covering Years A, B and C. There is a volume containing all of the psalms appointed for use during the Great Vigil of Easter. Updates will be made and new volumes issued.

Individual psalms are also available and can be downloaded directly from the website to your printer. All psalm settings convey the right to reprint as many copies as the purchaser requires. When the Revised Eucharistic Lectionary comes into greater useage, the newly appointed psalms will be available as downloads from the website or in printed form. Orders can also be placed with Church Music Services for specific needs. American choirs singing services in British cathedrals, for instance, can comission the required psalms with British texts notated in the "psalms made singable" format.