Keith Shafer has appeared in concert throughout the country and has offered workshops on various aspects of church music to parishes, dioceses, and church music conferences. He is available as a solo artist and can appear with harpist Vonda Darr or trumpeter Fabio Mann. Mr. Shafer is also available for workshops and presentations on various topics of interest.
Read the following articles about concert programming, dedicatory concert planning, and concerts with other instruments. There is also information about fees.


Did you know that a hundred years ago thousands of people would pack municipal concert halls in American cities to enjoy organ recitals? Been to many organ recitals lately that meet that criteria? Keith Shafer believes that programming is a major contributor to an exciting organ recital and that it should be tailored to the audience’s background whenever possible. He also takes into account the unique aspects of each recital organ and the acoustic of the room in which the concert will be heard. If the instrument has unusual stops (solo reeds, percussion stops, antiphonal divisions) the concert program will include music which takes advantage of these features. For most audiences, particularly those unaccustomed to organ recitals, Mr. Shafer talks about the instrument and its background and provides interesting insights into the pieces of music being played. Of course, if your audience would prefer the traditional “just smile and bow deeply” presentation, that can be accomodated.

Dedicatory Concerts

A celebratory event common to many churches is the dedicatory or inaugural recital on a new organ. These programs require planning and thought. Donors and the builder are typically thanked, in print and verbally. The church may be unsure about the propriety of combining a worship service in which the organ is blessed with a concert directly following. Some churches bless the organ during a morning worship service and offer the concert that same afternoon (some even arrange for a luncheon after church followed by the concert). By having the dedicatory or inaugural concert at a time other than Sunday morning the church makes it possible for other interested people in the community to attend. Series of concerts on new instruments are also common and often brochures are printed which may include the stoplist of the organ. Several organists may play concerts as the church shares its new instrument with the community. Mr. Shafer’s dedicatory programs can include demonstrations and explanations of the various pipes and other features of the organ. He can also provide program planning resources and ideas.

With Instrumentalists The organ combines beautifully with other instruments and Mr. Shafer appears in concert with harpist Vonda Darr as well as trumpeter Fabio Mann. The performances include solo works for both instruments as well as concerted music.

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